Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things you may (or may not) know about Megs

Here's some of trivia about Meg most of you probably won't know. In fact, she may not know herself. Sound intriguing? Here we go......

1. She averages about 50 text messages a day (and has for over 2 years). I know because I used to track them until I was forced to buy the unlimiited text plan. So if you break this down into minutes, she sending a text every 19 minutes or so. I figure she spends the rest of the time reading the 50 that are incoming. She texts while eating at the dinner table, brushing her teeth, relieving her bladder, and my personal favorite, driving.

2. She almost got fired from her hostess job at Chevy's Mexican restaurant for (allegedly) telling a patron to go eat at El Torito. If I remember right, she got suspended for a few days. Awesome.

3. The first time I saw Megs, she was crying. You probably know that we met at work (the above mentioned Chevy's). I was walking in, and she was crying her eyes out while being comforted by one the female managers. She and her boyfriend had just broken up. Too bad for him. I guess he had a cool mustang though. She traded him in for me and my Geo Storm. Sweet.


Brandi said...

I will have to say that I account for about 25 of those texts per day. At least.

Mike and Adriane said...

Hilarious!!! Mike had a Geo Storm too...apparently that was the "cool" car for the guys back then :)